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Addis Ababa Women Entrepreneurs Association (AAWEA) was established in 2000 by 70 founding members with technical and financial support Ministry of Trade and Industry, Addis Ababa city administration Trade, Industry and Tourism Bureau and GTZ-MSE project. The Association is entrusted by seven board members and three control committee members and is registered under Charities and Societies Proclamation No 621/2009.

Objectives of the association

To help members understand the different economic investment policies, laws and rules of the country and find solutions of their common problems by facilitating favorable conditions for discussion with policy makers.
Providing training to the members of the association to up-grade their business skills and techniques.
To facilitate network relation system with similar domestic and foreign organization for experience and information exchange.
To promote the products and services of the women Entrepreneurs in the country and abroad.
Providing Counseling service for women entrepreneurs.
To establish information centre.
Organizing exhibition and bazaar to promote products and create market linkage .
Create networking with stake holders and with business and entrepreneurs associatios.